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UCAT Courses

Free UCAT walkthrough and tips
1 day UCAT course +/- Medify

The Medic Life Live Online UCAT course is designed to help YOU score higher on the UCAT whilst allowing you to interact face to face (virtually) with the teacher. The one day online course has been created to dissect the 5 sections in depth. You will be taught fundamental techniques that will enable you to score more competitively on the UCAT so you too can 'Live The Medic Life!' 


Add the Medify Bundle for a 2 month subscription to Medify UCAT (RRP £60) and FREE access to Medify's Personal Statement Writer App (RRP £20) saving you £45! You can start your 2 month subscription whenever you like. With over 20,000 questions, 24 mocks and 40+ mini mocks... Medify UCAT is the perfect way to practice the techniques you will learn during The Medic Life Live Online UCAT Course.


Double's Discount:

Save a further £20 OFF the UCAT course and Medify bundle by prepping with a friend. We at The Medic Life believe that Medical and Dental School admissions preparation is best done with your friends. Not only does it help you stay motivated, it improves your chances of success and is better for your mental health. Therefore, sign up to the UCAT course + Medify bundle using the double's discount option and you will be given 2 x UCAT course slots and 2 x Medify subscriptions. Just email us after you have bough the course with both your names and email addresses and we'll do the rest.


The Medic Life LIVE Online UCAT Course:

The day will begin with registration and an overview of the UCAT. This will be followed by in-depth reviews of each of the 5 UCAT sections:


Verbal reasoning

Decision making

Quantitative reasoning 

Abstract reasoning

Situational Judgement 


During each section, you will be taught techniques for various different question types and how to maximise your performance on test day. Most importantly, you will be taught time saving methods, allowing you to boost your score! The sessions are interactive to facilitate active learning and the course is designed to be fun (the UCAT being fun? it can be!)


*Please note course date changes cannot take place in the last 7 days before your course*

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