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2022 LIVE Online Work Experience Workshop
Watch the 2021 Work Experience Workshop
Challenges in Healthcare and Personal Statement Workshop
Following on from the amazing success of the Live Online Work Experience session, we have decided to offer regular Work Experience sessions to all prospective Medical and Dental students who enrol onto The Medic Life UCAT course. 

These will be LIVE work experience sessions giving you a better understanding of what careers in Medicine and Dentistry consist of. The sessions will be interactive and will also be recorded in case you have other commitments and are unable to attend LIVE. 

Experts from various specialties will give you the opportunity to explore their fields further and help develop your understanding so you can impress your interviewers when the time comes. 

Below are some of the planned Work Experience Series sessions:
Stroke - Time is Brain 
Fighting the Invisible Enemy - Covid19
What is Palliative Care
Life in Medical School 
Problem based learning scenarios 
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