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Medicine and dentistry are stressful careers. In the last decade alone we have seen a rise in mental health issues for those working in healthcare. A recent study by the British Medical Association identified that almost 80% of all doctors are at high risk of burnout and 50% of doctors have sought psychological support for a condition affecting their work. 

Covid-19 has added to the challenges we face at work and it is more improtant now than ever to look after our own wellbeing and mental health along with supporting our friends and colleagues. 

The Medic Life has teamed up with You Okay Doc - a mental health and wellbing chairty for doctors to raise awareness of this very important topic. It is also crucial for all prospective doctors and dentists to be aware of the challenges they will be facing in their careers and start preparing now with ways to combat the stresses of the degree and the job. 

The Medic Life will be donating part of the profits from the UCAT courses this month to You Okay Doc to help build a supportive community and produce independent research to benefit the wellbeing of doctors. You will also have the chance to donate on the day as much or as little as you can to this incredible cause. 

There will be talks from:

  • Dr Daniel Gearon - Founder of You Okay Do


  • Dr Melisa Padashi - Mental health in Dentistry 


  • Dr Sunmeet and Dr Naveneet Kandhari - Wellbeing whilst working as a Junior Doctor and Dentist 

  • Dr Bakhtar Ahmad - Wellbeing whilst applying to Medical and Dental School with UCAT and Personal Statement Preparation

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