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The Medic Life Bursary
When I was applying for medicine 8 years ago, I had no idea of how to tackle the UCAT and BMAT. Although there were course available, they were far too expensive for me. Our household income was below £20,000 and I just couldn’t justify spending hundreds on UCAT/BMAT or interview courses. Now that I have finished medical school, I have the opportunity to help students pursue the same path without some of the financial worries that I was burdened with. The Medic Life courses are some of the cheapest in the country; however, there is help available for those who may struggle to afford this. If you believe that your financial circumstances are a barrier for you to attend The Medic Life courses then please complete the form below for more information and to claim your 50% OFF discount code for any one of the scheduled MMI courses.
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