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guidance, support and finances to access the resources that would have made these tasks infinately easier. It is for this reason I bring you THE MEDIC LIFE!!!
I love medicine, but my passion extends beyond this. I want to support you on this journey, to provide you with the knowledge and skills to conquer each hurdle and I want to help you live THE MEDIC LIFE! 

I’ve taught UCAT and BMAT to almost 1000 students whilst working for one of the largest private educational companies in the world. I loved it, but like all big companies, it was all about profit. That was the real motivation for me to start The Medic Life. I want to give everyone a chance to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor! We provide free events and affordable courses for all students. Especially those like me 10 years ago... who just couldn’t afford to go to expensive courses. Making your dreams come true doesn’t need to be costly and good resources don't need to be expensive. I scored in the top decile when I sat the UCAT and have now taught thousands of students over the last 5 years. This has allowed me to create the perfect course which is not only guaranteed to help YOU improve your score, but is also affordable. The Medic Life has helped thousands of students with their Medical and Dental school applications! In addition to this, there is also The Medic Life Bursary for those who are eligible.

*The Medic Life LTD has no affiliation with the London's Air Ambulance or any other services portrayed in the images on this website or elsewhere. The images are solely for the purpose of showcasing my experiences during my time at university.
My name is Dr Bakhtar Ahmad and I studied medicine at Barts and the London. I completed an iBSc in Prehospital Medicine with the London's Air Ambulance and am the winner of the Christina Swain Trauma Fellowship 2018/19. This opportunity enabled me to go to Phoenix, Arizona and Johannesburg, South Africa for over 10 weeks to gain experience in emergency, trauma and prehospital medicine. 
It was not so long ago that I was frantically practicing UCAT (UKCAT) questions, struggling over perfecting my personal statement and   preparing   for   my  interviews. I had   little
About The Medic Life
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